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2014-15 Book of Order now available for download



The 2014-15 edition of the EPC Book of Order is now available for download. This bookmarked PDF edition includes the new Book of Government ratified in June 2014, as well as updates to the Acts of Assembly and Rules for Assembly. The print version is in production, and there will be an announcement in EPNews when it is available to be ordered.

Click here to download the 2014-15 Book of Order.

November 9 set for International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted



The World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) has named the first two Sundays in November as the 2014 International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted.

More than 100 million Christians worldwide face persecution for their faith in Jesus Christ.

“Christians in Eritrea, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Sudan, Sri Lanka, and many others face imprisonment, violence and even death daily,” says Godfrey Yogarajah, Executive Director of the WEA Religious Liberty Commission. “We are calling on Christians everywhere to stand by these persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ by praying for them and assisting them in any way possible, as commanded in Scripture.”

The WEA urges Christians to follow the commands of Hebrews 13:3 to “remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.”

Resources for pastors and Christian leaders to use in worship services or small groups, including stories, videos, and devotionals, as well as information on persecution and prayer resources are available at

2013-14 Book of Order is ready


Hard copies of the 2013-14 Book of Order are now available and may be ordered from the orderable EPC materials or by phone at 734-742-2020. The new edition contains eight amendments ratified by the 2013 General Assembly as well as updated Rules for Assembly and Acts of Assembly.

An electronic copy is available for download at resources downloadable documents.

2013-2014 Book of Order Available to Download


The 2013-2014 Edition of the Book of Order is now available to download from the resources documents.  The document contains the entire Book of Order plus Rules for Assembly, Acts of Assembly, and Forms for Discipline, containing revisions and additions made by the 2013 General Assembly.

Watch for an announcement in EPNews when the spiral-bound printed version is available to order.

Draft Revision – Book of Worship


The 33rd General Assembly (June 2013) received a proposed revision of the Book of Worship.  Sessions and Presbyteries will receive official notice soon asking for review and input by December 31, 2013. The Constitutional Revisions Committee will review all input they receive and produce a document for approval at the 34th General Assembly (June 2014).

Free Resources Available for Choosing Children’s Curriculum


Choosing the right curriculum is a daunting challenge for many in children’s ministry. Ultimately, the program you choose to follow will impact the spiritual development of your children and will impact your volunteer teams’ ability to serve effectively.

This month, International Children’s Ministry Network (ICMN) is providing free weekly chat sessions to help you make choose curriculum. Join the sessions every Tuesday at 2:00 pm EST or take a look at the free content available at CMConnect, such as:

INCM is the only national level children’s ministry conference that is not operated by a publishing resource. INCM is also an commended resource of the EPC.

Keeping Up with World Missions


Missions Catalyst is a free, weekly electronic digest of mission news and resources “designed to inspire and equip Christians worldwide for global ministry.” It can be a valuable resource for church mission committees and help you stay current with trends and grow in understanding needs of missions an missionaries. Publisher Marti Wade assisted the Midwest Presbytery with ethnographic research for their Engage 2025 Project.  Click here to take a look at a recent issue and consider subscribing.

EPC Commended and Endorsed Children’s Curriculum


EPC Commended and Endorsed Children’s Curriculum

As you are considering curriculum choices for your children’s ministries, browse through the summaries of material commended and endorsed by the EPC’s Christian Education & Communications CommitteeIf you need material for a small Sunday or midweek setting, check out Kid Connection from Faith Alive and the Discovery Program from Pioneer Clubs.