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Smaller church and Transitional Pastor ministry the topics of “In All Things” podcast episode 48


Suzanne Zampella, an EPC Teaching Elder serving as the Transitional Pastor for First Presbyterian Church in Monett, Mo., is the guest for episode 48 of the EPC’s podcast, “In All Things.”

This week, host Dean Weaver and Zampella discuss how her sense of calling to the ministry was awakened when she was ordained as a Ruling Elder. She also talks about serving in an ECO—Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians—church, and how the role of a Transitional Pastor is as a change agent, helping a congregation know who they are and what they want to be.

Zampella also reflects on the EPC’s Small Church Summit, held October 11-13 in Orlando, and how it not only provided opportunity for pastors to build relationships with each other, but also demonstrated that the denomination values and supports pastors of smaller churches. In addition, she discusses some of the challenges and joys of serving the small church.

Episodes are available on a variety of podcast platforms, including Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Podbean, Spotify, and others. Search “In All Things” on any of these services.

The audio recordings also are available on the EPC website at

General Assembly women’s gatherings feature discipleship, connection opportunities


Second Presbyterian Church in Memphis, Tenn., is hosting several gatherings designed for women attending the 41st General Assembly, June 22-25.

TESS Talks Dinner

“Growing as Word-filled Women” is the theme for the annual TESS Talks dinner on Wednesday, June 23. Speakers are Mary Willson Hannah, Leesa Jensen, Kelsie Ellison, and Rong Guo. Willson is Director of Women’s Ministry at Second Presbyterian Church. Jensen and Ellison serve on the women’s Bible study teaching team at Second Presbyterian Church. Guo was trained as a surgeon in China and came to the United States in 1999. She accepted Christ in 2000, was baptized at Second Presbyterian Church in 2001, and has since served as a workplace chaplain, assistant youth group teacher, and a children’s leader with Bible Study Fellowship.

Modeled after the popular “Ted Talks,” TESS (Teaching, Encouragement, and Spiritual Sustenance) Talks offer practical discussions on topics of interest for women across the EPC.

Ministry Wives Luncheon

“The Joys and Challenges of Following Christ as a Ministry Spouse” is the topic of this year’s Ministry Wives Luncheon on Thursday, June 24. The speakers are Lynn Erickson, whose husband, Todd, serves as Pastoral Executive for Second Presbyterian Church; Gina Johnson, whose husband, Tim, serves as pastor of the EPC church plant The Avenue Community Church in Memphis; and Sarah Sadlow, whose husband, Ron, served on the pastoral staff at Second for 32 years.

Female Teaching Elders Networking Lunch

On Friday, Carolyn Poteet will host the annual Networking Lunch for women Teaching Elders (and ordination candidates) to connect, encourage, and pray for one another. Poteet serves as Lead Pastor for Mt. Lebanon Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, Pa.

For details about these gatherings, see

For more information about the 41st General Assembly, including registration, daily schedules, and more, see


Church sewing groups answer call for masks for Michigan COVID-19 hotspot


Hamtramck, Mich., is an area that was hit hard by COVID-19. About five miles from downtown Detroit, 42 percent of Hamtramck’s 22,000 residents are foreign-born—giving Hamtramck the largest percentage of immigrants in the state and a longtime focus of EPC World Outreach efforts among Muslims in the United States.

Between January and March, as many as 300 families moved to Hamtramck from Bangladesh to join relatives. The March coronavirus outbreak and subsequent shelter-in-place orders isolated these immigrants in unfamiliar surroundings, in some cases even from relatives. So when a World Outreach global worker in the area put out an urgent request in April for masks to share with the Bangladeshi and Yemeni families in their neighborhood, women in sewing groups at two EPC churches jumped into action.


Paula Creamer

Paula Creamer, a Ruling Elder for Grace Community Church in Falcon, Colo., responded to the need after seeing it posted on the EPC Women’s Resource Council’s Facebook page.

“We have a women’s sewing group at the church called Stitchers of Grace,” Creamer said. “It actually started about seven years ago in response to a need for pillowcases at a local homeless shelter. We sew pillowcases every year now for the Salvation Army and the shelters.”

When COVID-19 hit Colorado and local paramedic, fire, and police departments requested mask donations, Stitchers of Grace stepped up to help. They were joined by two other women’s sewing groups in the Colorado Springs area: The Black Forest Craft Guild and Falcon Stitchers. The three groups were familiar with one another, having met at the annual craft show that is held at Grace Community Church each holiday season.

“Between the three groups, we have about 20 women who have given their time and efforts over the last few weeks to sew almost 9,000 masks,” Creamer said. “We have given them out to rescue workers, shelters, clinics, and hospitals. We already knew how to make them when the request came from Hamtramck. So, of course, we said we could help.”

Meanwhile, across the country in Findlay, Ohio, a group of women from Gateway Church also was rallying to sew masks for Hamtramck.

“The request came from one of our mission partners,” said Cody Ohnmeiss, who serves as Gateway’s Go Local Director. “We were already partnered with that area of Michigan and wanted to help in any way that we could.”

So he called Sandra Tietje, who leads a ministry team called Sew, Quilt, Share. When Ohnmeiss told her they needed 500 masks, her response was, “That’s a big number!”

But she knew that God would provide, as He always does. The group had already been sewing masks for local hospitals and nursing home facilities. In the previous month, they had distributed more than 2,000 masks—all made from materials they already had on hand or had been donated from local fabric shops.

“God knew that this moment was coming and what would be needed, and He had already laid the foundation so that this could happen,” Tietje said. “There were many, many hands involved in this process, and God is the one who has done it.”

The women’s group launched in 2003 when a few ladies from the church felt like God was calling them to start a sewing ministry as part of the church’s outreach ministries.

“We have a strong missional history at Gateway,” Tietje said. “I have a photo of my grandmother working on a quilt with her Ladies Missionary Society back in 1967. I’m actually in the photo, too—underneath the quilt! We grew up watching our mothers hold bake sales and sew things to raise money for missions. This is our heritage.”

Every month, people meet at the church to cut fabric and put kits together to distribute to women who want to participate in the sewing projects. Ohnmeiss serves as the runner, dropping off and picking up projects throughout the city.

“One of the beautiful things about sewing is that if you have a passion for it and you meet someone else that has a passion for it as well, it breaks down the barriers that divide,” Tietje said. “This is a fun, non-threatening outreach to our friends. There are ladies who have started coming to our church because of friendship evangelism through the sewing group.”

Creamer has seen the same thing at Grace Community Church.

“Some of the women have started praying together and a few have even been attending the Tuesday Women’s Bible Study,” she said. “This latest project—the masks for frontline workers—has connected us more deeply with the community. We’ve even had grocery stores providing us with twist ties from the produce section to make the nosepiece on the masks.”

Creamer knows firsthand what a blessing these masks have been. Her husband is an essential government employee, and she is a nurse in a local hospital.

Ohnmeiss noted that a perhaps-unexpected blessing from the effort was watching how God brought many different people together to serve those who are in need.

“One of our pastors made it a family project,” he said. “He and his girls had never sewed a mask before, but they put in a day’s effort and came out with masks to send to Michigan. It was beautiful to watch.”

All of the masks produced by the church groups have been sent to Hamtramck. Between the two churches, they were able to provide even more than the 500 that were originally requested.

Tietje understands firsthand how important it is to come together in this unprecedented time and be there for one another. Her father-in-law passed away in May, and they were unable to be with him in the nursing home when he was sick or give him the kind of funeral that they would have liked. While the experience was difficult, it also gave her a greater empathy for those who were suffering and a passion to get even more masks to those in need.

“God always lays the groundwork before something like this happens,” she said. “He knew the pandemic was coming long before we did, and was aware of every little need. He brought our sewing group together for such a time as this. What a joy and privilege to play a small part in His plan.”

By Kiki Schleiff Cherry
EPConnection correspondent

Women’s Resource Council meets in Orlando


Pictured (clockwise from left) are TE Sharon Beekmann, Presbytery of the West (Chair); Rebecca Duvall, Presbytery of the Pacific Southwest; Heidi Bethel, Presbytery of the Southeast; Becky Melancon, Presbytery of the Gulf South; Joe Ann Stenstrom, Presbytery of the East; Kathy Clymer, Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic; TE Mary Brown, Presbytery of the Great Plains; RE Kim Sinclair, Presbytery of the Midwest; and Melissa Cable, Presbytery of Mid-America. Additional Council members not pictured are RE Lynn Burge, Presbytery of the Central South; Kathy Marcy, Presbytery of the Rivers and Lakes; and Tina Picard, Presbytery of the Pacific Northwest.

The EPC Women’s Resource Council met at the Office of the General Assembly in Orlando January 14-15. Topics discussed by the group included exploring ways to better connect women across the EPC with each other, planning for the EPC General Assembly in June, and discussing resources for potential review.

Resources that the Council agrees to consider for review are vetted, and those approved for recommendation are categorized as Endorsed and Recommended as defined in the EPC Endorsement Policy. Completed reviews are posted in the Women’s Resources section of the EPC website at, and the Women’s Resource Council social media channels at, and

GA Women’s Resources activities feature discipleship, connection opportunities


Speakers for the Women’s Resource Council gatherings include (from left), Sharon Beekmann, Mary Brown, Lana Roberts, Jacqueline Smith, Brent Stenberg, Leila Todd, and Karen Walls. 

The EPC Women’s Resource Council is hosting a variety of gatherings at the 38th General Assembly, June 19-22 at Hope Church in Cordova, Tenn.

“Connecting with the Marginalized” is the theme for the annual “TESS Talks” dinner on Wednesday, June 20. Speakers are Sharon Beekmann, Women’s Resource Council Chair; Jacqueline Smith, wife of Hope Church Senior Pastor Rufus Smith; and Karen Walls, Director of Hope Church’s Special Needs Ministry. Beekmann will discuss sexual abuse and harassment; Smith will examine Impacting Public Schools for Christ; and Walls’ topic is “Welcoming and Including People with Disabilities into the Family of God.” Each speaker’s 10-minute presentation will be followed by a 20-minute round-table discussion.

Modeled after the popular “Ted Talks,” TESS (Teaching, Encouragement, and Spiritual Sustenance) Talks offer practical discussions on topics of interest for women across the EPC.

“TESS Talks provide sisters in Christ the opportunity to consider and discuss topics that are relevant to churches today,” Beekmann said. “Plus, we have fun!”

Networking Lunches offer opportunities for fellowship and enrichment around a variety of relevant topics.

In “Connecting with God for Life” on Wednesday, Sharon Henderson will discuss growing in Christ as well as in spiritual disciplines. She is the wife of David Henderson, Pastor of Covenant EPC in West Lafayette, Ind.

On Thursday, Lana Roberts will host the annual lunch gathering for women Teaching Elders and candidates to connect, encourage, and pray for one another. Roberts has served on the pastoral staff of First Presbyterian Church in Fresno, Calif., for more than 10 years and is a member of the EPC Women’s Resource Council.

Also on Thursday, Brent Stenberg and Leila Todd of the Christian Psychological Center in Memphis will host a Networking Lunch for ministry spouses. In their topic, “Opportunities and Challenges,” Stenberg and Todd will focus on the unique challenges ministry spouses face, and on building resilience in order to thrive in the midst of the God-given opportunities and stressors of ministry life. All ministry spouses—male or female—are invited to attend.

On Thursday evening, the Women’s Ministry Dinner will feature Mary Brown as she discusses “Disciple Making: One Woman at a Time.” She will explore Jesus’ method of making disciples, including practical steps in disciple-making that beginners and mature Christians alike can use. Brown leads the Soul Healing Ministry, Women’s Ministry, support groups, and discipleship groups for Colonial Presbyterian Church in Kansas City and is a member of the EPC Women’s Resource Council.

“Mary’s passion for making disciples is contagious,” Beekmann said. “She will inspire us to proclaim the gospel and bring people into the body of Christ.”

For more information about the 38th General Assembly, including registration, daily schedules, and more, see For details about the ministries of the EPC Women’s Resource Council, see including an informational video featuring Mary Brown offering helpful tips and encouragement on mentoring new disciples of Christ.


General Assembly Networking Lunches offer more than mid-day meal


2017GAbannerRegOnlineNetworking Lunches at the EPC 37th General Assembly provide opportunity for connecting with others with similar ministry interests on June 21-23 from 12:00-1:30 p.m. at Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church in Sacramento. For more information, including descriptions and meeting locations, see

Wednesday, June 21

  • Church Planting (hosted by the EPC Church Planting Team)
  • For the Church, For the Generations (hosted by Reformed Youth Ministries)
  • How to Build a Contagious Church Culture (hosted by Vanderbloemen Search Group)
  • How to Make Progress on Leadership Challenges (hosted by PastorServe)
  • Joy Together in Ministry and Mission (hosted by Serge)
  • Jump-Starting Church Revitalization (hosted by the EPC GO Center)
  • Presbyterians Pro-Life (hosted by Presbyterians Pro-Life)
  • What Is the Westminster Confession? (hosted by the Westminster Society)
  • Who Is My Neighbor? (hosted by the EPC Women’s Resource Council)
  • World Outreach Global Worker Meet-and-Greet (hosted by EPC World Outreach)
  • Young Ministers in the EPC (hosted by the EPC Young Ministers Network)

Thursday, June 22

  • Building a Culture of Generosity (hosted by the EPC Foundation)
  • Conflict Management: What Seminary Never Taught You (hosted by Pastor-In-Residence Ministries)
  • EPC Benefits “Lunch and Learn: Retirement Plan Changes” (hosted by EPC Benefit Resources, Inc.)
  • International Theological Education Network (hosted by EPC World Outreach)
  • Reaching Millennials (hosted by the EPC GO Center)
  • Reaching the Next Generation of College Students for Christ (hosted by the Coalition for Christian Outreach)
  • Understanding Gender Dysphoria and the Transgender Experience (hosted by OnebyOne)
  • Who Will Lead After You? A Guide to Effective Succession Planning (hosted by Vanderbloemen Search Group)
  • Women Teaching Elders and Candidates (hosted by the EPC Office of the General Assembly)
  • World Outreach Needs Business Professionals (hosted by EPC World Outreach)

Friday, June 23

  • Clerks of Session (hosted by the EPC Presbytery of the Pacific)
  • Coaching Church Revitalization (hosted by the EPC GO Center)
  • Come to The Well: Women’s Ministries Resources (hosted by the EPC Women’s Resource Council)
  • Engaging Muslim Communities for Christ Through Literacy (hosted by Literacy and Evangelism International)
  • EPC Benefits “Lunch and Learn: Retirement Plan Changes” (hosted by EPC Benefit Resources, Inc.)
  • Growing Your Church Through Small Groups (hosted by Hope Church, Richmond, Va.)
  • How to Lead Your Team to Fulfill Your Church’s Vision (hosted by Vanderbloemen Search Group)
  • Leaders of Small Churches (hosted by the EPC Z–4:10 Network)
  • Sending Our EPC Sons and Daughters (hosted by EPC World Outreach)

Women In Ministry “Faith Focus” offering to benefit World Outreach Family Gathering programming


Every year, EPC’s Women In Ministry has a mission project funded through the generous gifts of our churches and some women’s groups. The project for 2014 has been to fund the special programming for 57 women global workers and 8 college women who gathered at the Family Gathering in Budapest, Hungary, in June. Funding over and above the program expenses is providing limited grants to EPC missionaries who apply to work in a holistic ministry to heal, restore, and redirect the lives of women who have been oppressed in the communities in which they serve. Click here to give online, or make checks payable to EPC Women In Ministry and send to:

Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Attention: Set Free Project (033)
17197 N. Laurel Park Dr., Suite 567
Livonia, MI  48152

The Faith Focus for 2015 will be designated for Women of Hope International, which serves women in Sierra Leone who have been marginalized due to disability. Recently, Women of Hope International has been educating these women about the Ebola virus.

Women In Ministry



Let us know what the best Bible studies you have used in groups at your church to challenge your women? We would like to make a list of these for churches looking for challenging studies. Please send title and author to by June 15.


Please register before June 1 when fees double!!! We have events for connection and for growth:

  • Professional leaders: Wednesday night Dinner Reception 5:30-6:45 p.m.
  • Ministry Wives: Thursday Luncheon 11:00 a.m.- 2:30 p.m.
  • All Women: REALation Reception Thursday 3 p.m.-5 p.m.
  • All Women: TESS Talks on Generations/Models of Ministry and Glue: Holding it All Together 10:30 a.m.-1:15 p.m. with lunch

Please click here to view and register:

Three Points to Remember from Women In Ministry


Read more information of the events listed below online at


  • Wednesday, June 18:


  • Thursday, June 19:

MINISTRY WIVES LUNCH – 11:00 am – 2:30 pm

WOMEN’S REALation RECEPTION – 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm


  • Friday, June 20:

WOMEN’S TESS TALKS AND LUNCH 10:30 am- 1:15 pm


World Outreach missionaries and missionary families are to gather in Budapest in July 2014.  57 missionary women will be present.

See description and video of 2014 Faith Focus project at


Order a copy of the REAL Training manual and consider using it with your leadership team.  You can also request a REAL Training Event for your church and presbytery.

See description of REAL 2.0 online at

Set Free 2014


Set Free 2014 is an exciting way to invest in the lives of women worldwide.  Visit the EPC Women In Ministry web page to explore Set Free 2014:

We are broadening our commitment to women under the oppression of sexual trafficking to include all forms of oppression worldwide.  Check out the resources and educate yourselves on what is happening to our sisters around the globe.  Be part of the solution!

The first half of the year the focus will be on our missionary women who are in cultural contexts of oppression to women.  The Family Gathering of the World Outreach Missionaries is scheduled for July 2014 in Budapest, Hungary.  Women In Ministry wants to encourage the women missionaries attending–around 70–as they gather for renewal.  They will be treated to a special luncheon with time together for the veteran missionaries exchanging stories with those just beginning their journeys. They will reconvene the next day on a boat luncheon trip to continue lifting up one another.  Our churches have opportunity to make this happen!

The second half of the year will focus on taking applications for grants from our women missionaries who wish to work to help the women in their contexts who are undergoing oppression in its various forms.  See the EPC Women In Ministry web page for resources–especially the book and documentary Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide.

Our 2014 goal is $20,000.  You can be part of the solution!

Networking Forum for Women Pastors and Professional Ministry Staff


Registration is on-going at  We want to engage you and engage with you at the Networking Forum for Women Pastors and Professional Ministry Staff in Denver on March 27-29!  If you are strategically involved in the ministry of the church as a pastor’s wife, academic or lay person and sense this Forum is for you, please consider yourself invited.  All details for the Forum may be found on-line. If you have questions, please contact us at or 734-742-2020, ext. 6950.

Hope to see you there.

EPC Networking Forum for Women Pastors and Professional Ministry Staff


The EPC Networking Forum for women pastors and professional ministry staff is now ready for registration.  Churches are encouraged to help their women professionals attend this first ever Forum. It takes place in Denver, March 27-29, and is a time to connect and be encouraged spiritually, intellectually and personally.  It is also a place to interact with other leaders and express your own thoughts on important issues in the church and the vision within the denomination.

The Forum will include times for worship and communion, reflection and conversation, as well as seven TESS (Training, Encouragement, Spiritual Sustenance) talks, patterned after the TED Talks. These brief presentations will explore topics such as Soul Care; Generational Understanding; Engaging with Social Media; Global Thinking and Thinking Biblically About Homosexuality: How to Engage One Another with Grace and Truth. Each TESS is meant to stimulate creative thinking and lead us into meaningful interaction about the future of our church and denomination. We will also have the opportunity to hear from EPC Stated Clerk Jeff Jeremiah, who will be with us to speak and to listen.

For more details, see and click on Events.  We hope to see you there!

Something New for EPC Women Pastors and Professionals



This forum is NOT just for those involved in Women In Ministry as pastors or directors, this is truly for those women in professional and academic ministry.  We want to meet for connection, enrichment and being sharpened by wrestling with what ministry looks like for the future as the denomination grows and as culture shifts the ground under us.  Generational expectations, constantly changing technology, a global society, and a shifting American culture have caused us to look at transitions we must make while holding forth the hope of the eternal gospel.  Come and be a part of this interactive time contributing your thoughts and active listening.  Stated Clerk Jeff Jeremiah will be joining us for part of the time for interaction.

  • DATES:  March 27-29, 2014
  • PLACE:  Denver, CO
  • COST:    TBA, but we are making this affordable!  We need your input.


SET FREE PROJECT 2013:  We have loved the opportunity of partnering with two agencies involved in the restoration of survivors of sexual trafficking:  Hope House near Asheville NC and The Dream House/Shine Career School in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  They continue to provide a doorway to freedom to teenagers trapped by this evil which affects us globally.  December 31 marks the last day for contributions to be given to these two ministries helping young women trapped in slavery to be restored to a fulfilling life.    We want to thank the many who have given to make a difference for these girls and offer the opportunity one more time.  WIM Set Free Project 2014 will focus on our missionaries who are often in cultures oppressive to women.  See our website for more details at  If you wish to make a year-end gift, please designate SET FREE PROJECT 2013 and send to Women In Ministry, EPC, 17197 N. Laurel Park Drive, Suite 567, Livonia MI  48152. 

WOMEN IN MINISTRY FUNDING:  For many years, our churches have been faithful in supporting us as we seek to encourage and equip women in our churches and presbyteries. The Women In Ministry budget is made possible through churches/women’s groups/individuals giving to Per Woman Asking.  The asking for the churches are $1 per woman which funds the training, resources and events that are sponsored.  Thank you for your support.  We invite you to continue to give enabling us to offer leadership development.


Many of our churches have on-line and printed versions of their own Advent devotional resources.   Women In Ministry at Cedar Springs Church in Knoxville, TN led by Suzanne Stelling has produced an on-line version for women.  You can access it at:  Also, available at is Make Him Room by Kirsten Oliphant, one of our EPC women authors and bloggers.

Women In Ministry’s Set Free Project



Women In Ministry has specified The Set Free Project of working with ministries in the restoration of sexual trafficking survivors ( Our goal is $20,000 to go to Transitions Global (Cambodia) and The Hope House (Asheville and Charlotte, NC).  We will be giving all monies received through December 2013 to these agencies. We call on all you to help us meet this goal.


In conjunction with The Set Free Project, EPC churches are encouraged to formulate their own plan of involvement within their community. Many have done this. We would like to know how your church is involved (see contact information below).

Below are some of the churches who are involved:

  • Lakeside Presbyterian Church (Brandon MS): On September 24, 2013, they held an educational dinner to learn more about the 27 million adults and 13 million children who are in slavery (labor and sexual). Interim Director of Women in Ministry Susan Nash was the featureed speaker. This event was the kick-off for a women’s study on the subject.  They plan a church-wide dinner to follow in 2014 with the objective to educate people in      the community on this increasing evil which exists right in the community.
  • EPC of Plant City (Plant City FL):  Human Trafficking Awareness Event is scheduled for October 26, 2013 from 9:00 a.m.-3:45 p.m. featuring Emily Fitchpatrick, founder of The Hope House. This will be an opportunity to learn more about to how to help.  All churches in the area are invited. Contact Deborah Schreffler
  • Kirkmont Presbyterian Church (Beavercreek OH): Is sponsoring Unveiling This Century’s Slavery with Women At Risk International’s President, Becky McDonald, on Saturday, November 9, 2013 in the church sanctuary from 1:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m. Program and shopping of jewelry/scarves for support. For more information, contact 937-426-8471.
  • Northpoint EPC (Danvers MA):  See the story of Route One Ministry explained by Bonnie Gatchell, Founder of Leading Voices Blog at

We know other churches are involved in raising awareness and combating the evil of human      trafficking.  IF YOUR CHURCH IS INVOLVED, LET US KNOW at We want to know your story.

Women In Ministry Gathering


Women In Ministry has a vested interest in developing leaders.  Therefore, Women In Ministry wants to sponsor two-types of gatherings:

  1. REAL Training Seminars, and
  2. for the first-time, National Networking Forum for Professional Women Staff and Pastors.

Please read the desciptions below and reply to to let us know of your interest.

REAL Training for Women in Ministry

Women In Ministry received requests, from 12 churches who attended the General Assembly last June, for a one-day-session REAL Training Seminar.  These churches represent the following presbyteries:  Alleghenies, East, Florida, Mid-Atlnatic, Midwest, Rivers & Lakes, and West.  If you would like to be included in a leadership REAL Training Seminar from these presbyteries or others, please contact to be included.  We are in the process of scheduling.

National Networking Forum for Professional Women Staff and Pastors

Women In Ministry is planning to sponsor a national networking forum for EPC professional women staff, directors and pastors.  We are in initial stages of planning.  Dates will be either in early November 2013 or March 2014.  The Forum will be designed to encourage and promote connection and networking for best practices/ideas/problem solving.  If you want to be sure to be included, please contact Kristen Uppendahl at

REAL Training


Leadership training is offered through the REAL Training Manual authored by women from the EPC and available through the General Assembly Office (contact Rill Currie).  Many of our churches have purchased the manual for study within leadership teams.  If there is interest, we will also offer a one-day workshop on leadership training within your presbytery.  This means on-site training from women leaders in your presbytery and/or authors of chapters out of the manual.  From assessment, we find at least four models of ministry in our churches and know that leadership structures in many cases are changing or desiring change.  We can help you find your unique path for fulfilling your mission.  Please view our website, or call us at 734-838-6950.  We want ministry at the local level to be as effective and available as possible.

Internship Praxis Program at Hope Church Richmond, VA


Praxis is a ten-month, full-time internship under the direction of Nicole Unice (Ministry Associate at Hope and speaker at the Women In Ministry Luncheon at the upcoming General Assembly) designed for young leaders who feel called into ministry in the local church. We are looking for capable, committed individuals who would love a launching experience into a career of ministry. Praxis residents will work alongside our senior leaders at Hope Church in specific areas of ministry. They will receive individual mentoring and development, and will be paid a stipend and offered housing.

Currently accepting applications for Fall 2013 and more information can be found at

Would you consider forwarding this information to any people you know who might be interested, and on sharing it via your social media channels? You can take 10 seconds right now, click on our Facebook page:

You’ll see the Praxis program listed there…if you click SHARE, it will automatically post to your profile.

If you have any thoughts or questions, contact Nicole Unice at

Another Engagement Trip to Cambodia with Transitions



June 9-15th marks the date of another engagement trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia to visit the Dream House and Shine Career School of Transitions Global. Six women from the EPC went in January 2013 and met 17 women currently housed in the Dream House who are renewing their lives after having been sexually trafficked. You do not have to be a woman to go on the trip. Churches focused on combating human trafficking will benefit from seeing a model that has won attention worldwide.

If interested contact, Pam Harvey at

An Effective Resource



An effective resource for the local church or presbytery is REAL TRAINING designed for ministry leaders.  Read more about REAL TRAINING at

The REAL TRAINING STUDY GUIDE costs only $16.50 and may be ordered online.  Ways it has been used successfully include:

  • Guided study by ministry teams
  • Day workshops, in your area, by contacting the Director of Women In Ministry (Susan Nash @ 901-412-6933)
  • Personal study

This study guide, in its second edition, will lead you logically through equipping your mind and soul, with practical tools, for effective ministry in your church.

National Weekend of Prayer for the Fight Against Sex Trafficking


January 11-13, 2013

Women In Ministry Interim Director Susan Nash, invites EPC churches to visit our WIM web site ( to learn more about the “Set Free Project” that addresses the horrors of sex trafficking. We ask that you join in prayer with us for fighting against this tragic evil. However, according to David Meyers with the Department of Homeland Security for Faith based and Neighborhood Partnerships, the national percentage for labor trafficking vs. sex trafficking is about 70-75%. Labor trafficking, modern day slave trade or human trafficking is comprised of primarily women – 50% of which are under 18 yrs. old. Labor trafficking and sex trafficking enslaves victims of both genders. Slavery victims internationally cry out for voices to help end their bondage.

On January 25th, a team of women, including six from the EPC, will leave for Cambodia with Global Transitions to partner with the Shine Career School. Team Members are: Susan Nash (WIM Interim Director) Memphis, TN; Pam Harvey (National Director of Advocacy and Education) Greenwood Community Church , Centennial, CO); Amber Walker (Downtown Church Memphis, TN); Georgia Smith (Advent Presbyterian Memphis, TN); Wendy Dabbous (Woodland Presbyterian Memphis, TN); and Therese Fuglaar (First PC Houma, LA). Please pray specifically for these women for safety, for favor with the Cambodians, and for effectiveness of engagement. Be looking for a report in February.

Please remember to give to our EPC WIM “Set Free Project”- Faith Focus (, which provides funding for Hope House in Ashville, NC and for Global Transitions, Centennial, CO, as they fight against this increasing worldwide problem. We also invite your church to participate financially to “Per Women Asking” ( which provides funding for our ministry.)

For additional information and to learn more about the National Weekend of Prayer to Fight Human Trafficking in general, go to

Join Women In Ministry in Cambodia


Women In Ministry Sep 06, 2012

Join-Women-In-Ministry-in-CambodiaSponsored by the “Set Free Project”, Transitions invites you to be part of a select group of world-changing participants on an engagement trip to Cambodia with founders, Athena and James  Pond and Pam Harvey, (Greenwood Community Church).  The trip will take place January 25 – February 2, 2013.

Be inspired by amazing survivors whose lives have been transformed at the Dream House in Phnom Penh after being rescued from sexual slavery.  This trip will be “hands on” while spending time getting to know the girls and staff through fun activities, a service project, and learning about the Transitions success philosophy from their phenomenal local team.

The team will begin to understand the culture, the depth of the problem of sexual trafficking, and how we can each help provide profound solutions.  By combining our shared wisdom and talents, we will form world-changing alliances that last long after we’ve returned home.

To learn more and download a brochure and application, go to:  Cambodia 2013