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EPC pastor pens book on financial obedience


DavidSwansonEconomyOfGodDavid Swanson, Pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Orlando, has published his fifth book, The Economy of God: Discovering the Joy of Financial Obedience. The book is a compilation of a 12-week sermon series on money and generosity.

As Swanson states in the book’s introduction, “in Scripture, God has an entire economy that He wants us to observe—a way of working and producing—a way of earning, spending, saving, and giving.”

He also notes that in his 27 years as a pastor, “I have seen time and again how money can be the source of pain, strife, discontent, and division … but it does not have to. Money, when rightly and biblically understood, can be an absolute source of joy and delight.”

The book is available in paperback and Amazon Kindle formats at

You can support the ministries of the EPC by purchasing Swanson’s book (and other items) through the “” program at When you login to your Amazon account (or set up a new account), use and select “Evangelical Presbyterian Church” as your preferred charitable organization. The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of purchase price to the EPC.

Divided We Fall: new Luder Whitlock book addresses Christian disunity


Luder Whitlock

What can we do to foster unity and deeper community in a world where so many relationships are fractured and fractious? Luder Whitlock, minister at-large for First Presbyterian Church of Orlando and a member of the EPC National Leadership Team, addresses this question in Divided We Fall: Overcoming a History of Christian Disunity. The book was released in May by P&R Publishing and available from a variety of booksellers.

In the book, Whitlock explores God’s desire for unity in the church, overviews the history of global Christianity with an eye on its schisms and agreements, and points readers toward the necessity of God-honoring fellowship. In the closing chapters, he tackles some challenges and concerns, as well as provides practical steps for increasing trust and developing understanding—particularly within the church.

DividedWeFallAmong the many Christian leaders writing endorsements of the book are Jeff Jeremiah, Leith Anderson, Tim Keller, Mark Noll, and Carmen Fowler LaBerge.

“(Whitlock) makes a simple argument,” said Jeremiah, EPC Stated Clerk, “that it’s time for evangelicals Christians to focus more closely on what they hold in common, especially in the face of increasing cultural opposition to the gospel.”

Divided We Fall explains how we got to where we are—with an amazing mix of tears, anger, and hope,” said Anderson, President of the National Association of Evangelicals.

“At a time when Christian leaders are almost obsessed about the culture,” said Keller, Pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York, “this book rightly argues that we will shape the broader society only to the degree that we make the Christian church what it should be.”

“Biblically rooted, historically informed, and pastorally helpful, this book gracefully fulfills its purpose of strengthening unity and community in Christ’s church,” said Noll, Research Professor of History for Regent University in Vancouver, British Columbia, and plenary speaker for the third annual Leadership Institute at the 37th General Assembly in June.

LaBerge, President of the Presbyterian Lay Committee, said the book is “a must-read for all those interested in the church’s bearing a unified witness to the world.”

Others endorsing the book include David Swanson, Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Orlando, and Don Sweeting, President of Colorado Christian University.

Whitlock served as president of Reformed Theological Seminary from 1978-2001, and currently is executive director of the CNL Charitable Foundation and the JMS Foundation. He also served as Executive Director of The New Geneva Study Bible and a major revision, published as The Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible. He and his wife, Mary Lou, have three children and eleven grandchildren.

EPC history published in honor of denomination’s 35th anniversary


LibertyInNonEssentialsIn celebration of the 35th anniversary of its founding in 1981, the EPC is releasing Liberty in Non-Essentials: The Story of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. The book was written by EPC teaching elder Don Fortson, Professor of Church History and Practical Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, N.C.

Featuring a foreword by Stated Clerk Jeff Jeremiah, the 275-page book includes chapters on Presbyterian history in North America; Bart Hess and Andy Jumper (key architects of the EPC); early General Assembly meetings; the denomination’s evangelical heritage, Reformed roots, and missional focus; explosive growth in the last 10 years, and more. Also included are 20 pages of full-color photos, 14 maps that illustrate presbytery development through the years, and a detailed index.

“I am thrilled that we are able to make this history of the EPC available at this year’s Assembly,” Jeremiah said. “We are celebrating 35 years as a family of churches at the same time that Ward Church—our GA host whose pastor in 1981, Bart Hess, was instrumental in our founding—is celebrating 60 years of ministry.”

Fortson spent four years researching and writing the volume.

“It has been an immense blessing to review, absorb, wonder, and write about all the Lord has done in our midst,” Fortson said.

Jeremiah said the book is timely and important because for many in the EPC, the names of EPC leaders in the 1980s and 1990s are just that—names.

“We praise God for the significant leadership they brought to creating a new denomination, and the entire EPC should know about them, what they did, and how they did it,” Jeremiah noted. “More than 400 churches have joined the EPC since 2007 and may not know the stories behind these dedicated servants. And for those churches God will send our way in the future, this will be a great resource for answering the question, ‘Who is the EPC?’”

Liberty in Non-Essentials will be available at the General Assembly book table in the displays area. Following the Assembly, it will be available at

EPC pastor awarded Christianity Today 2016 Book of the Year


ZachEswineZack Eswine, Pastor of Riverside Church in Webster Groves, Mo., received Christianity Today’s “2016 Book of the Year” award in the category of The Church/Pastoral Leadership for his volume The Imperfect Pastor: Discovering Joy in Our Limitations through a Daily Apprenticeship with Jesus. The awards were announced in the January/February 2016 edition of the magazine.

Eswine, author of five other books, is Moderator of the Mid-America Presbytery and also serves as Adjunct Professor of Applied Theology and Director of the Homiletics Program at Covenant Seminary in St. Louis.

The Imperfect Pastor book coverChristianity Today’s 2016 Book Awards are the publication’s picks for the books most likely to shape evangelical life, thought, and culture.

“We recognize Christian writers for painstaking research and trenchant analysis, for dazzling prose and arresting imagery,” said Matt Reynolds, CT Associate Editor for Books.

Renowned theologian Cornelius Plantinga Jr. described The Imperfect Pastor as “so gritty, liberating, godly, and honest that it was hard to put down. Drawing from Scripture, theology, and close observation of life, Eswine describes the life of ministry in a way that unshackles the minister from impossible demands—and all the dread, depression, and burnout that accompanies them. For the minister, this book is full of mercy and encouragement. For everyone else, it reminds us of a glad irony: God chooses to do imperfect ministry through imperfect persons rather than personally doing it perfectly.”

Click here for more information about the Christianity Today 2016 Book Awards.


Praying for Prodigals webinar on December 9 to feature EPC pastor

Dr. James Banks

Dr. James Banks

Dr. James Banks, Pastor of Peace Church in Durham, N.C., and his wife, Cari, will be the featured guests on a free RBC Ministries webinar “Praying for Prodigals” on Tuesday, December 9, from 1:00-2:00 p.m. EST.

The webinar will explore both healthy and unhealthy methods that parents, grandparents, and other family members respond regarding a child on the run. Topics of discussion include:

  • Praying faithfully for your children, regardless of the outcome
  • Praying even when you don’t see anything good happening
  • Understanding the true purpose of prayer for the one who prays
  • Discovering that you are not alone and how to build alliances with other parents praying for prodigals
  • Praying even when you feel like a failure as a parent and all the emotions that go along with that

In addition to serving as Pastor, Banks is a part-time seminary professor and author of three books: Praying the Prayers of the Bible, Prayers for Prodogals: 90 Days of Prayer for your Child, and The Lost Art of Praying Together: Rekindling Passion for Prayer.

Click here to register for the free webinar.

EPC Author


Retired pastor Malcolm G. Brown has published Forever Faith and The Adventure of the Christian Life.  Both are available on  The paperback edition Forever Faith costs $8.06 (kindle $4.99).  The Adventure of the Christian Life is $8.06 (paperback).

Free Copy of Advent Devotional Guide


Rick Marcy, pastor of Faith EPC in Crivitz, WI has written an Advent devotional guide that he wants to make available as his gift to the EPC.  The guide features a daily Scripture reading, brief thought and a prayer.  There is a journal page provided for writing your thoughts for the day. Rick says, “This devotional is great for family or personal devotions.”  It’s formatted so that the cover can feature your church if you choose to give it to your church family.  Rick adds, “I pray it will help you keep Christmas centered on the wonder of Jesus, God with us then and with us today.”  The Advent devotional can be down loaded from

EPC Authors Leesa Donner and Dru Johnson


We’re pleased to publicize the works of two EPC authors, Leesa Donner and Dru Johnson.

Free at Last by Leesa Donner

EPC-Authors-Leesa-Donner-and-Dru-JohnsonIn her new study Free at Last: A Life-Changing Journey through the Gospel of Luke, Leesa K. Donner presents a Bible study for today’s woman. “Veteran Bible study students are aware that today’s Bible studies often fall into two categories: one that requires a lot of homework for serious Bible students, and one for those too busy and need something lighter,” Leesa says. “This study endeavors to strike a healthy balance between these two bookends…”

Leesa, a graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary and member of Fourth Presbyterian Church in Bethesda, Maryland leads women through the book of Luke with scholarly insight and emotional depth, guiding their spiritual growth with thoughtfulness and care. “When you’re standing in the hall of a hospital and your mother is in the room dying, or your son has a life-threatening illness, you need good theology,” she says. “What you believe about God comes to bare in these challenging circumstances.”

Fourth’s Senior Pastor Rob Norris commends Free at Last: “It is a work that has already produced spiritual fruit in the lives of many who have used it at Fourth Church.”

More information about the book can be found at the website: The Bible study / workbook is 426 pages in length and costs $38.95 (softcover) or $9.99 (ebook). It is also available at ($29.79, $9.99) and ($29.79. $8.49).

Biblical Knowing by Dru Johnson

EPC-Authors-Leesa-Donner-and-Dru-Johnson-2Dru Johnson, Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies at The King’s College, New York, New York has authored Biblical Knowing: A Scriptural Epistemology of Error. Dru, a member of Mid-America Presbytery, describes his book as “a work of biblical theology on the topic of knowledge.”

Besides presenting a comprehensive Scriptural epistemology, Biblical Knowing also engages contemporary academic views of knowledge and recent philosophical methods. In addition, it explores what proper knowing looks like in the task of theology itself, in the teaching and preaching of the church, and in the context of counseling.

More information about Biblical Knowing can be found at where it is sold for $23.20. It is available on for $26.10.

Everlasting Life – How God Answers Our Questions about Grief, Loss and the Promise of Heaven


David Swanson, senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Orlando, FL has written Everlasting Life-How God Answers Our Questions about Grief, Loss, and the Promise of Heaven.  It has just been released by the Baker Publishing Group.  David says, “I’m very hopeful for its impact and use in the church in bringing hope and encouragement as we face death.”  It is available for $13.99 at Baker, $11.20 at Amazon.  For more information about “Everlasting Life,” go to

Sensing Jesus: Life and Ministry as a Human Being


ZSensing-Jesus-Life-and-Ministry-as-a-Human-Beingack Eswine, lead pastor at Riverside Church-St. Louis, MO has authored Sensing Jesus: Life and Ministry as Human Being. It’s a book that speaks directly and openly into the challenges and temptations those engaged in Christian ministry confront, and has received very favorable reviews.

At one point, Zack was on the fast track to influence and success as a pastor, teacher and writer. Then “life” started to happen to him. In Sensing Jesus he shares with disarming honesty his own failures, burnout and pain, and how he’s responded to and learned from those experiences across his twenty plus years of ministry. The subtitle, Life and Ministry as a Human Being is intentional, as Zack notes, “I have to take into account my humanity as I learn to do ministry.” One important learning: Zack offers a definition of “greatness” that is very different from what we may think greatness is when we say, “I want to do something great for Jesus.” Another is the way we are mentored, which is not only what we are taught but the way we are taught.

A 20 minute interview about the book with Justin Taylor of Between Two Worlds can be viewed by clicking here.

Sensing Jesus has been described as ”a fresh and biblically faithful approach to the care of souls, including your own.” It can be purchased at (read the editorial reviews!) for $13.18. Zack’s book, Preaching to a Post-Everything World was Preaching Today’s “Book of the Year” in 2009. Endorsed by Tim Keller, it is available at for $15.69.

“Learning to be You” Published


Learning-to-be-You-Published-1Baker Books has released “Learning to be You” written by David Swanson (photo right), senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Orlando, FLLearning-to-be-You-Published-2It’s a look at the struggle followers of Christ face as they learn to live out of their true identity in Christ instead of the false identity they lean towards, either out of sin or the relentless false message of our fallen world.  Learning to live in truth and authenticity begins with knowing the God who made us; and the more we know God, the more we will truly know ourselves.  A study guide and sermon notes are also available so that it can be used as part of an education or preaching ministry.  “Learning to be You” is available at

Faith Evangelical Presbyterian Church’s pastor goes digital with books, sermons


BROOKSVILLE — Much of the world has gone digital, and Faith Evangelical Presbyterian Church and its pastor have done likewise.

Two years ago, Faith Evangelical began publishing some of Everhard’s books in traditional paperback. The cost of producing books that way became limiting, so embracing the success of digital publication seemed like a great idea.

“That clued us in that we were going to miss an opportunity if we didn’t learn how to do digital publishing soon,” Matthew Everhard said. “We realized that we could do it faster, more effective and far cheaper to the church without any overhead costs.”

Read the complete story at