Lake Forest Hosts Mid-Atlantic in January


On January 25-26, Lake Forest Church (LFC) in Huntersville, NC, will host the 73rd Stated Meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Presbytery (PMA) in conjunction with its 3rd Annual Leadership Training Weekend: SHAPE. These two events come together as part of an on-going experiment in the PMA to spend 75 percent of their time together in ministry training, fellowship and worship and 25 percent of time on business matters. This partnership takes this goal to the next level.

On Friday night, members of the Mid-Atlantic will join Lake Forest’s leaders and also leaders from 30 other churches from the north Charlotte area to receive encouragement and training from Larry Osborne, Senior Pastor of North Coast Church in Vista, CA. Larry is Founder and President of the North Coast Training Network, which is designed to help pastors and church leaders establish new ministries or enhance current ministries to achieve greater effectiveness. He is also the author of several books, including Sticky Teams, Sticky Church and his newest, Accidental Pharisees.

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