2013 Youth Leader Cohort – Early Bird Sign-Up is February 7th


Goals and Resolutions

2013 is just around the corner and that often means folks are taking some time to reflect and consider new directions. Student and College Ministries is also starting something new for 2013. We are launching a unique training opportunity for all EPC youth leaders that we hope will help fulfill several goals and resolutions for those in youth ministry.

For the youth leader with goals to prayerfully take more time to seek God concerning His direction for his/her ministry, read those books you keep piling up on your desk, deepen relationships with others in ministry, or even to spend a year with a personal/ministry coach.  You’ll have that opportunity in 2013.

To the senior pastor or elder looking for ways to encourage, equip and keep the youth leader who currently is serving their congregation; here’s the opportunity to invest in the leader, impact the students they reach and effect the future leadership of your church.

Talent Retention

One EPC leader, committee member Chris Brown, articulated it this way – “the EPC Youth Leader Cohort is really about talent retention.”

The majority of youth leaders only stay in their position an average of 1 ½ years. However, if we invest in the personal, spiritual and ministry growth of these young leaders in our churches, who we often find serving in youth ministry, we significantly increase the likelihood they will continue serving in the church who invested in them. Furthermore, they will feel a commitment to a denomination that created an opportunity for such growth and connected them with lifelong ministry friends within the EPC. These are the future leaders of the EPC denomination.

Early Bird Sign-Up – February 7th

The goal of Student and College Ministries is to begin the first EPC Youth Leader Cohort in the Spring of 2013, with meeting locations East of the Mississippi. The second cohort will begin in the Fall of 2013, with meeting locations West of the Mississippi. Youth leaders may attend either cohort; location sites are merely for travel convenience.

For those ready to sign-up or just looking for more information concerning the cohort beginning this Spring, please contact Susan Holland, Student and College Ministries Coordinator, at

Susan.Holland@EPC.org or (734) 838‐6952 by the early-bird date of February 7,th, 2013. Making an inquiry or signing up by the early bird date will allow you to participate in the decision-making process concerning the timing and locations of the 6 meetings, during the one-year program.

For more specific details regarding the EPC Youth Leader Cohorts, please go to the following webpage: http://www.epc.org/youth-leaders-cohort/.

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