Ed McCallum Reappointed as Assistant Stated Clerk


Ed-McCallum-Reappointed-as-Assistant-Stated-ClerkDr. Rev. Ed McCallum was appointed to another three-year term as Assistant Stated Clerk by the Committee on Administration on December 18, 2012.  His new three-year term runs from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2015.  Ed has served as the Assistant Stated Clerk of the EPC since 1998.

Over the past fourteen years, the EPC has undergone significant changes in leadership (three Stated Clerks), in size (from less than 180 to more than 410 churches) and in the scope of General Assembly staff.  Stated Clerk Jeff Jeremiah, in his recommendation to the Committee on Administration, wrote that Ed ”has provided a mature, steadying influence throughout this time that has been very beneficial to the culture of the office.”  He added, “I can’t imagine a better ‘Number Two’ man than Ed.”

Ed’s ministry for the EPC includes:

  • General Assembly meetings:  Ed is the EPC point person with host churches and provides excellent leadership to the Planning Team that puts on our annual meetings.
  • Staff resource to the Ministerial Vocations Committee, the Constitutional Review Committee, the Chaplains Work and Care Committee and the Presbytery Review Committee.
  • With the Stated Clerk, Ed resources the Nominating Committee and Permanent Judicial Commission.
  • In the last two years, Ed has taken supervisory oversight of the EPC ministries of World Outreach, Women In Ministry and the Student and College Ministry.
  • Critical participation in strategic decision-making related to General Assembly Office, especially in the areas of computer, telephone, information and printing technologies.

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