Shelley Kral, GA worship service speaker and Associate Pastor for Longview (Texas) EPC the guest for “In All Things” podcast episode 80


Shelley Kral

Shelley Kral, Associate Pastor for Longview Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Longview, Texas, is the guest for episode 80 of the EPC’s podcast, “In All Things.” Kral is the preacher for the Tuesday morning worship service at the EPC’s 43rd General Assembly / Gospel Priorities Summit, June 20-22 at Cherry Hills Community Church in Highlands Ranch, Colo.

Host Dean Weaver and Kral discuss her path to ministry from Southern California to a Lutheran college in the Pacific Northwest to Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando to Longview in East Texas. Kral also describes a vision she and her husband had for a pastoral retreat center eventually resulting in the creation of Enoch’s Stomp Vineyard & Winery near Longview. She also explains how the vineyard illustrates the truths of John 15.

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