2013 Annual Statistical/Financial Reporting


An overview of the 2013 Annual Statistical and Financial Reporting:

  • Reports are collected on www.epcdata.org.  With your PIN, you may view and print reports from prevous years now.  The site is being prepared for 2013 data entry and you will not be able to enter new data at the present time.
  • A blank worksheet (no individualized, pre-printed data) is available so you may start gathering information now.
  • An individualized Worksheet with detailed instructions and pre-printed data from the previous reporting year for your church is under preparation now with the goal of mailing to Clerks of Session by the end of January.
  • Please use the worksheet to gather the needed information and then enter it on www.epcdata.org when it is open for new data.  Please enter your data by March 31. The site will be closed for new entries on April 1 to give us adequate time to prepare reports for the General Assembly meeting.

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