Medical Plan Open Enrollment November 1-20


It’s time to act! From November 1-20, it’s Open Enrollment season for EPC Medical Plan coverage effective January 1, 2014. Information included in the benefits documents aims to meet most needs. For more facts, contact the EPC Benefits Administration office about enrollment, call 877-578-8707 or email

The big picture: We, as a nation, face persistent uncertainty about medical benefits including how full implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will unfold. By contrast, the EPC Medical Plan offers certainty in 2014 and beyond. We reliably help EPC churches accomplish good stewardship of church finances and employee welfare. We provide affordable access to excellent & portable coverage, conveniently serviced by medical benefits professionals. Also, we offer moral shelter from objectionable contraceptives that ACA mandates for others and even churches’ private insurance premiums cannot completely avoid funding.

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