Special Memories from 2013 General Assembly


Much of what happened at the 2013 General Assembly is a “blur” to me.  Thankfully, the Lord gives me “memorable moments” that help define each General Assembly in my mind.  Here are a few of those special memories from our meeting last month at Cherry Hills Community Church.

The ‘Minority Report’

Sandy Willson, senior pastor of Second Presbyterian Church, Memphis, TN, gave a powerful talk on Tuesday evening at the World Outreach Dinner.  Among his many excellent points was the statement, “When we get to heaven we’ll find we’re the ‘minority report’ in the history of Christianity.  We have enjoyed safety, security and comfort as Christians in the United States that very few through the centuries have had.  Difficulty, suffering and persecution has been the experience of an overwhelming majority of those we will be with in glory.”  If we are ‘the minority,’ what responsibility do we have to those who suffer for the cause of Christ in our world today?

The Ninth Question

At our Thursday evening worship service, we celebrated the commissioning of 24 new missionaries and missionary assistants.  The first eight commissioning questions they answered follow those given to our pastors, ruling elders and deacons from our constitution.  However, a ninth question, written by World Outreach Director George Carey and approved by the World Outreach Committee, addressed the danger our missionaries face and the faith and courage required of them as they follow God’s call.  It reads, “Will you accept the potential dangers associated with this ministry that may include suffering and martyrdom?”  How can we not do all we can to support those who represent Christ and us in some of the most dangerous places in the world for Christians?

The Church Triumphant

Each year we read and pray for the teaching and ruling elders of the EPC who have died.  Ken Van Kampen, recording clerk of the Memorials and Appreciation Committee presented the list this year.  Ken introduced the reading by noting that these ninety-one Ruling and Teaching Elders gave a total of 1,524 years of service for the Lord.  Ken then read the list.  Afterwards, Zac Hicks led the Assembly in an a cappela singing of “For All the Saints.”  Our celebration of the lives and ministries of these fellow servants as well as our connection with the Church Triumphant was special.

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