Sensing Jesus: Life and Ministry as a Human Being


ZSensing-Jesus-Life-and-Ministry-as-a-Human-Beingack Eswine, lead pastor at Riverside Church-St. Louis, MO has authored Sensing Jesus: Life and Ministry as Human Being. It’s a book that speaks directly and openly into the challenges and temptations those engaged in Christian ministry confront, and has received very favorable reviews.

At one point, Zack was on the fast track to influence and success as a pastor, teacher and writer. Then “life” started to happen to him. In Sensing Jesus he shares with disarming honesty his own failures, burnout and pain, and how he’s responded to and learned from those experiences across his twenty plus years of ministry. The subtitle, Life and Ministry as a Human Being is intentional, as Zack notes, “I have to take into account my humanity as I learn to do ministry.” One important learning: Zack offers a definition of “greatness” that is very different from what we may think greatness is when we say, “I want to do something great for Jesus.” Another is the way we are mentored, which is not only what we are taught but the way we are taught.

A 20 minute interview about the book with Justin Taylor of Between Two Worlds can be viewed by clicking here.

Sensing Jesus has been described as ”a fresh and biblically faithful approach to the care of souls, including your own.” It can be purchased at (read the editorial reviews!) for $13.18. Zack’s book, Preaching to a Post-Everything World was Preaching Today’s “Book of the Year” in 2009. Endorsed by Tim Keller, it is available at for $15.69.

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