Hold Fast the Faith: A Devotional Commentary on the Westminster Confession


Hold-Fast-the-Faith-A-Devotional-Commentary-on-the-Westminster-ConfessionMatthew Everhard, senior pastor of Faith Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Brooksville Florida has just released his newest book entitled Hold Fast the Faith: A Devotional Commentary on the Westminster Confession of 1647 (Reformation Press, 2012). The book is designed as a devotional tool, divided into daily readings corresponding to the chapters of the Westminster Confession of Faith. Each chapter explains the content of the Confession, provides appropriate Scripture passages for the reader, explains deep theological truths in an approachable way, and then encourages personal exercises in spiritual formation to help the believer along in his or her walk with Christ. All of the major doctrines of Reformed theology are covered in a devotional manner. This book would be perfect for those studying our doctrinal standards for the first time, or for churches who are training leaders and elders. The book is available through the publisher, Reformation Press at www.layman.org.


  • Hold-Fast-the-Faith-A-Devotional-Commentary-on-the-Westminster-Confession-2Matthew Everhard is one of the outstanding young Reformed pastors of the 21st century church. He is a careful thinker and exceptional writer with a passion for Jesus Christ and His people. —Rev. Dr. Jeff Jeremiah, Stated Clerk of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church
  • In an age when confessions are often viewed as lifeless, many Christians and churches are rediscovering them as a lifeline. Even so, the church’s confessions are like a labyrinth, often unfamiliar and as yet unexplored. Pastor Matthew Everhard guides the uninitiated through the hallways and corridors of the Westminster Confession of Faith. —Michael Allen, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology, Knox Theological Seminary

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