EPC World Outreach Encounter


All who are interested in mission work in the EPC World Outreach ministry are invited to Encounter WO 2013 on March 14-16 at the denominational headquarters in Livonia, MI. If you are simply interested in what your denominational mission ministry is all about, you are invited. If you are on a mission committee from your local church, you are invited. If you are a mission director or mission pastor, you are invited. If you are a person giving consideration to becoming a missionary, you (above all) are invited. Those World Outreach missionaries on home assignment and those World Outreach missionaries preparing to head for the field will be in attendance to share their inspiring stories of God’s call to missionary service. The staff of EPC World Outreach will be present to explain “what it means” to become a missionary with the EPC and to pray with those who sense God’s call. The Engage 2025 Initiative to plant churches in at least Ten Unengaged Muslim People Groups by the year 2025 will receive prime exposure from Greg Livingstone and others. If interested in attending and for further information, contact the EPC World Outreach office at patti.moore@epc.org or (734) 838-6945.

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