Discounts for EPC minister/staff moving expenses


When we read in Genesis 12 how Abraham answered the call from God to “Go from your country to a land that I will show you”, we marvel at God’s grace and Abraham’s obedience and faith. We don’t tend to think about the logistics of packing up and moving!
But today, if you are answering the call, or as a church you are issuing the call, those logistics become important.

Several years ago, the EPC’s Committee on Administration, on recommendation of the Minsiterial Vocation Committee, approved an agreement giving EPC churches and ministers access to a resource available from United Van Lines. On file with United is an agreement making special terms and discounts available to any EPC church, minister, or staff position.

The agreement is administered by Armstrong Relocation and Companies, one of the largest United agents in the country. Armstrong Relocation, headquartered in Memphis, TN, has twenty-two United agencies in thirteen states, and a fleet of over 300 qualified United drivers in their fleet. Armstrong Relocation has partnerships with over 500 United Van Lines agencies across all fifty states, and may assist as your relocation provider no matter where you are located.

The United agreement is coordinated out of the Chattanooga office of Armstrong Relocation. To receive a free estimate, call 1-800-283-5814, and be sure to identify yourself as an ECP church, minister, or other staff position. You may also visit the website @ where you may request an estimate on-line. In the notes section of the request form, please again identify your association with the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

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