Equipping all EPC churches to impact college students


“Change the university and you change the world,” a popular quote by Dr. Charles Habib Malik, author of A Christian Critique of the University, may seem like a daunting task.  However, the key is to engage and transform today’s college and university culture – one student and one campus at a time.

EPC College Ministries desires to come along side every EPC congregation and its leaders to purposely impact college-aged students.  Some churches may have one student and others may have hundreds.  Other churches are near college campuses and others are not.  Therefore, the approach to ministry will also vary.

A congregation does not have to launch a major program with significant staff time commitment to have an impact on college students.  By taking a single step, your congregation will begin a journey that could have a significant impact on the spiritual life of a student and their campus.

College Ministries has developed several Models of College Ministry for a wide variety of congregations.  Click on the applicable links below for further information, available on our website.

What scenario best describes your congregation?

1. Our congregation is not located near a college or university. 

2. Our church has college students from a local college or university.

3. Our church is considering bringing on a staff person for college ministries.

4. Our church would like to partner with a campus ministry. 

5. We want to minister to our college students over the summer.

Our hope is these ideas will be useful for taking either a first step or additional steps in reaching college-aged students.  Join the conversation and share your thoughts on our Facebook page at EPC College Ministries.

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