EPC Youth Leader Cohort – A Leadership Coaching Program – coming in 2013


Student Ministries is excited to introduce a new approach to equipping and leadership developmentSeveral EPC youth leaders went through the coaching program with our partnering organization, The Youth Cartel.  The success of the program is evident in the feedback given by senior pastors from their churches.  See video testimonials at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0mQtUyOKS0&feature=youtu.be


The following are some commonly asked questions and answers concerning the EPC Youth Leader Cohort of 2013:

What’s A Cohort?

• Community of About 10 Youth Leaders

• Participating Together in a Coaching Program

• Facilitator Designs Program Around Group Needs

• Customized Course Work and Assignments

• Held Over the Course of One Year

• Meets as a Group Every 2 or 3 Months

• One-on-One Coaching Sessions with Facilitator Between Meetings

• Communication with Group and Facilitator is Ongoing by Phone and Online

• Incredible Training & Great Relationships

When Does It Start?

• Spring 2013 – EPC Youth Cohort #1

• Fall 2013 – ECP Youth Cohort #2


• East of the Mississippi – Cohort #1

• West of the Mississippi – Cohort #2

Who Should Go?

• EPC Youth Leaders – Especially those in ministry for 2 or more years

Who Are The Leaders?

• Student Ministries is partnering with The Youth Cartel and Mark Oestreicher (Coach/Facilitator)

• Mark O. is an exceptional coach and has years of experience training youth leaders around the country.

• Find out more about The Youth Cartel at http://theyouthcartel.com/coaching-2/

Who Will Be There?

• The goal is to have 10 EPC Youth Leaders in each cohort who will travel on a 1 year journey together.

What Does it Cost?

• The cost of the year-long program is $3,000 and is due at the beginning of the program.

*  Additional costs for travel and lodging may also apply.

How Do I Get More Information?

• Contact Susan Holland, Student & College Ministries Coordinator, at Susan.Holland@EPC.org or 734.742.2020.

How Can We Help EPC Youth Leaders Raise Support?

Our Vision is to provide quality training and leadership development

opportunities to EVERY EPC youth leader.

Our Hope is that finances will NEVER stand in the way of an EPC youth

leader who desires training and coaching.

Our Goal is to offer matching-funds to youth leaders desiring to

participate in the EPC Student Ministries Cohort.

Our Need is for churches and donors to contribute to the EPC “Youth

Ministry Cohort” Fund

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