The Lawry’s Adoption Process


Scott Lawry is pastor of Grace @ Bell Road (EPC) in Montgomery, Alabama.  Scott and Rachel Lawry are the parents of four young children.  Last Christmas, they believed that God was calling them to adopt an adolescent girl from Ukraine.  They met her while she was visiting the states through a local ministry that includes an orphan hosting program.  They began the process of adoption.

Somewhere along the journey, God expanded their desires (and faith) and believed that God was also calling them to adopt her older brother, a 17 year old.  Without meeting Viktor, they added his adoption to the process.  God provided miraculously through His people to cover the large cost of a double international adoption in only 2 months.

The-Lawrys-Adoption-ProcessA few days ago, the Lawrys left for Ukraine with their oldest biological daughter joining them to complete the adoption process that will significantly enlarge their family.  Attached is the picture of the Lawrys with Tanya and Viktor.  The picture was just recently taken.  For those who have followed their journey, it is simply incredible for us to see this picture.

Please continue to pray for them as they continue the process through the months of June and July (in country).  You can follow their journey at

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