Presbytery of the Pacific Report

The Presbytery of the Pacific met February 10-11 at First EPC of Kent, Washington. Highlights of the meeting, as reported by Pacific Stated Clerk Ron Bengelink:

The meeting was attended by 65 Commissioners (evenly split between Teaching Elders and Ruling Elders).  Also attending were about 65 Observers – primarily from churches in Washington, Oregon and Idaho that are considering joining the EPC.

Examined and Received:

  1. Rev. Michael Griffin pending confirmation of dismissal from the PCUSA to be the Pastor of Sierra Presbyterian Church in Nevada City, California.
  2. Rev. David Goebel and the ReflectionsChurch in Meridian, Idaho received pending dismissal from the PCUSA.
  3. Rev. Jacob Meadows and the First Presbyterian Church of Bickleton, Washington received conditionally upon dismissal from the PCUSA Presbytery of Central Washington.
  4. Rev. Ted Broadway and First Presbyterian Church, Davenport, Washington received conditionally upon dismissal from PCUSA Inland Nothwest Presbytery.
  5. Rev. Bart Garrett and Rev. Jonathan St. Clair and Christ Church, Berkeley, California received conditionally upon dismissal from PCA Northern California Presbytery.

Appointments and Reports:

  1. Appointed the Presbytery Council to serve as an Administrative Commission to admit churches and their pastors into the presbytery if necessary between stated meetings.
  2. Heard a report about two well-attended Discovery Workshops (Nov. 7-9, 2011 at First EPC, Kent, Washington and Jan. 23-25, 2012 at Fair Oaks Presbyterian, Sacramento, California). Workshop Coordinator TE Kirk Bottomly also announced the next Workshop will be held Mar. 12-14 at Sunset Presbyterian, Portland, Oregon.  A third event will take place in early June, location TBD.
  3. Heard presentations from three Washington churches (Ephrata Community-Ephrata, Washington, Sequim Community-Sequim, Washington, and Saddlerock- Wenatchee, Washington) describing themselves, their goals, celebrations and challenges.

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