Tornado strikes Selma, Ala.; EPC congregation affected


A large tornado descends on Selma, Ala., in this still image from a storm chaser video. Photo courtesy of the Selma Sun.

A tornado described by the National Weather Service as “large and dangerous” tracked across Selma, Ala., on January 12. The tornado was part of a larger outbreak across the South.

Steve Burton, Pastor of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church in Selma, reported minor damage to the church property, but “complete devastation” in residential areas approximately 100 yards away. He added that several members of the congregation have lost their homes, though his house was not damaged.

In an email immediately after the storm to Ken Van Kampen, Stated Clerk of the Presbytery of the Central South, Burton noted that a school with 360 students was near the church. At the time he sent the email, he was not able to access the area but said the school was “an utmost priority” for him and others and he would help in any way he could.

“Pray for the emergency workers in the immediate hours ahead and the clean-up work in the days to come,” Van Kampen said. “Pray that every parent in town will be reunited with their children this afternoon and that all displaced families will find their physical needs met today, as well as their spiritual and emotional needs in the future. Finally, pray for Cornerstone EPC and the churches in Selma as they minister in very practical ways in the name of our Lord.”

The EPC Domestic Emergency Relief Fund is accepting donations to assist in disaster areas with identified needs. To contribute, go to


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  1. Pamela Dobbins

    On May 14, 2014 our farm was hit by an EF3 tornado. Our house, our daughter’s house our grain bins and grain leg, barns and other buildings were destroyed. We had so many people, some friends some strangers, that came to help clean up and served meals to over 100 people for three days. The storm hit on a Wednesday and by Saturday everything was cleaned up. Our local grain elevator came and hauled corn out of the destroyed bins and semis lined up to haul it to the elevator at no charge. Afterwards we received donations in the form of credit cards and cash. There was so much outpouring of love the the tornado itself just became nearly “something that happened” . Prayers are with you and I pray that you have as much help as we had.


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