42nd General Assembly worship service message: Terence Gray


In the Thursday morning worship service on June 23 at the 42nd General Assembly, Terence Gray preached from John 13:1-17. Gray serves as Assistant Pastor at Ward Church in Northville, Mich.

Gray noted that in the book Leaders Eat Last, a U.S. Marine officer explained that what made the Marines different was that its “leaders ate last.” As a result of this modelling of servant leadership, a Marine can trust that his or her officer puts the needs of the soldier first.

“We live in a celebrity culture; a day when we want to get followers,” Gray said. “But we see in John 13 that Jesus loved these people. He washed their feet. And He loves you, too.”

Gray challenged the Assembly, “So when we are asked, ‘What makes the EPC different?’ We want to able to say—we ought to be able to say—’We wash each other’s feet.”

A recording of Gray’s message will be available on the EPC website soon.


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