2022 Leadership Institute: The Art of Manfishing


In the Westminster Society’s series of lectures at the 2022 Leadership Institute, Zach Hopkins discussed gleanings from the Thomas Boston book, The Art of Manfishing. The Scottish Presbyterian Pastor wrote the book in 1699 when he was 22 years old.

“Seeing I am called out to preach this everlasting gospel, it is my duty to endeavor, and it is my desire to be (Lord, Thou knowest) a fisher of men,” Hopkins quoted Boston.

Reflecting on Boston’s life serving two small Kirks in southeast Scotland, Hopkins noted, “It is not where a minister serves, but the quality of service that counts.”

Hopkins serves as Pastor of Edgington Presbyterian Church in Taylor Ridge, Ill.

The Leadership Institute is part of the EPC’s 42nd General Assembly, June 21-24 at Ward Church in Northville, Mich.


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