Descending Overtures from the 2014 General Assembly are available


The 34th General Assembly in 2014 approved four constitutional amendments:

  • A revised Book of Worship.
  • A new provision for examining transferring ministers.
  • An addition to the “limits in perpetuity” that prevent the denomination from using the Book of Order to create any expressed or implied trust regarding church property.
  • Allowing the Permanent Judicial Commission to choose its clerk from outside of its own membership.

All constitutional amendments are sent to the presbyteries for approval. If three-quarters of the presbyteries approve, the amendments come to the next General Assembly meeting for ratification.

Sessions should download and distribute the Descending Overtures and discuss them in preparation for the vote in an upcoming presbytery meeting.

Click here to download the Descending Overtures and for more information on the 2015 General Assembly.

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