EPC’s Resurrection Brooklyn continues Hurricane Sandy recovery ministry


Resurrection Brooklyn, a network of EPC congregations in New York City’s largest borough, has continued to minister to those affected by Hurricane Sandy. The storm struck the Northeast in October 2012. In the process, the church continues to make an impact for Christ in Brooklyn and beyond, and is the recipient of a recent financial grant from the American Red Cross.

“That will allow us to continue serving our neighbors with unmet rebuild needs post-Sandy for at least another 12 months,” said Brian Steadman, Associate Pastor and Director of Relief for Resurrection Brooklyn.

“The unmet rebuild needs in Brooklyn are still great,” he continued. “As some national volunteer groups pack up and move on, we need the support of church groups coming to help us keep the recovery going now more than ever.”

Steadman emphasized the need for—and formally invited—short-term mission teams from across the EPC.

“You don’t have to have a huge group,” he said. “A team can be as small as five people and still be quite effective.” He noted that the church provides volunteer housing that can accommodate a maximum of 20 people for a cost of $100 per person. “It doesn’t come close to covering our cost to facilitate volunteers, but it helps—and hopefully keeps cost down for teams to come and serve.”

Red Cross International is not the only organization to recognize Resurrection Brooklyn’s efforts. In June, a New York Times article described some of the church’s work in helping meet the ongoing needs of storm-affected families who continue to face a long road to recovery.

For more information about participating in or leading a short-term mission project to Resurrection Brooklyn, contact Steadman at brian@resurrectionbrooklyn.org.

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