Hurricane Sandy Recovery – continued


Hurricane Sandy might have slammed the metropolitan New York City area more than 18 months ago, but the needs are still great and the recovery/relief effort continues.

Resurrection EPC-Brooklyn, NY is being looked to more and more to provide leadership and to address unmet rebuild needs in the area. Associate Pastor Brian Steadman was recently asked to chair the Construction/Volunteer/Donations Committee for the Brooklyn Long Term Relief Organization (RBRelief). This group is working to bring cohesive and effective collaboration among those groups committed to the rebuilding working in Brooklyn.

RBRelief has two pressing needs:

1)      Volunteers! The summer rebuild season is coming quickly. Volunteer short-term mission teams are needed to do the pressing work that needs to be done.

2)      Donation of a pick-up truck for getting materials to work sites.

Please contact Brian Steadman at if you can help, or have any questions.

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