World Outreach needs your help…


Envision Trek 2014!

Unique short-term mission trip opportunities!

These short-term treks are scheduled for 2014:

  • Sumatra, Indonesia August 1 – 18, 2014
  • High Wycombe, England July 14 – 24, 2014
  • Southern, Jordan May 28 – June 28, 2014

You are needed to invite members of your congregation to go! Think about current college students or young adults who have a heart for missions or ministry but have not known what is the next step. Would you consider challenging them to apply? Would you connect the EPC World Outreach to them? These first World Outreach trekkers will change lives and also nurture the future of Engage2025.

And who should you connect? Any adults seriously interested in serving as a missionary with World Outreach.  College and young adults are especially hoped for as they are often at a place of discerning where and what to do with their life calling.

These three trips will have some level of an Engage 2025 field associated with it.  And each has a limited number of spots.

You can find more information on the EPC World Outreach Engage 2025 web page. Follow the link for SHORT-TERM. Please also connect them with our Coordinator of Mission Recruitment, Shawn Stewart at

Thanks for taking a few minutes to send this information to: 1) Possible World Outreach trekker candidates. 2) Your youth and college leaders who may know of ideal candidates. And finally 3) Your missions committee.

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