Invitation to a Conference Celebrating Isa Dreams


From EPC Pastor, Frank Costenbader, Director Manifold Hope…

Muslims all over the world are having dreams about Jesus. Come, hear what God is doing, glorify Him, and consider how to respond!

It’s time for the Western Church to acknowledge that God is miraculously moving around the world. The words of the prophet Joel have come true:  Muslims are dreaming dreams and seeing visions – and multitudes are following Jesus the Messiah!

Hear from missionaries, evangelists, church planters, authors and dreamers how God is using this powerful move of the Holy Spirit to grow His church in these days.

David Garrison is coming!  We are pleased to announce that noted missiologist David Garrison is joining our speakers for the Isa Dreams conference. David has a book forthcoming (House of Islam) capturing the details of the current Church Planting Movement sweeping among Muslim people groups around the world.

Discount for students and missionaries! Come, learn about what God is doing, worship Him, participate as we pray and strategize about how to respond.





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