EPC Medical Plan Premiums Reduced For Many In 2014


Premium rates for all participants in the 2014 Medical Plan will decrease or be equal to current rates. Early this week, the Committee on Administration approved the Board of Benefits proposal to set premium rates based on participant’s age, as follows: For those less than 40 years old, rates will be 50% less than currently; for those 40-54, rates will be 25% lower, and for those 55+, rates will be unchanged for 2014. Enrollment from November 1-20, 2013 will be open to all eligible employees. New rates will be effective November 1 for all current participants. Coverage and rates for new participants will be effective on January 1, 2014. More detailed information will soon be published. Anyone needing details immediately should contact Chief Operating Officer Phil VanValkenburg at phil.vanvalkenburg@epc.org.

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