Announcing… The EPC’s “Denomination-wide World Outreach Encounter”


This “first-time” event is being conducted by EPC World Outreach on behalf of new churches to the EPC that want to learn more about the EPC’s International missions ministry. Not only new churches are invited but pastors and mission leaders from all churches are encouraged to attend this informative and challenging event. EPC General Assembly Moderator Dr. Bill Dudley will kick off “Encounter World Outreach” with a word of welcome and challenge to set the tone for the Encounter. Other featured speakers include: World Outreach missionary Dr. Greg Livingstone and Second Presbyterian Church pastor Dr. Sandy Willson.

Attendees will hear stories from EPC World Outreach missionaries who have served on difficult fields of ministry as well as from newly appointed missionaries on how God has led them to pledge their lives to serve in the Muslim world.

The EPC World Outreach staff and mobilization team will communicate the ministry of World Outreach so that attendees will go away with a solid and complete picture of the EPC’s commitment to the Great Commission around the world. Presbytery representatives for the Engage 2025 Initiative will be present to share their challenges in planting churches among unengaged Muslim people groups. Doctors, nurses, and other medical personnel from the newly forming Medical Missions Ministry are invited along with representatives of Business As Mission (BAM) Ministry to tell what God is doing to give platforms for church planting among unengaged/unreached people groups.

Brochures are being sent to all churches announcing this event.

Online registration will begin August 12th

  • Dates:  November 12-14, 2013
  • Location: Second Presbyterian Church, Memphis, TN

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