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Home Missionary John Bueno with Latins United Christian Ministries invites you to read his current Newsletter.  Click here to download Latins United Summer 2013 Newsletter.  Previous newsletters are posted on the National Outreach Home Missionary web page.

For more information about John Bueno’s ministry, contact John at john.bueno@epc.org or 402-350-3815.

Home Missionaries John and Diane Davis with Border Transitions Ministry celebrated the tenth anniversary of their arrival in Los Dos Laredos.  They wrote:

“We praise God for His provision and presence with us over those years.  We originally arrived to work with another ministry where we stayed for three years: planting three churches, hosting 12-14 mission groups a year, and not feeling satisfied at all with how we were serving.  At the end of the three years, the relationship ened; mostly because of theological issues.  That is when the Lord lead us to found Border Transitions Ministry and the adventure began.

Over the years we have seen miracles of healing, John has had a stroke and a pulmonary embolism, miracles of provision, and God’s hand on our lives in ways that are difficult to comprehend or describe.  He has been faithful to His word to neither leave us or forsake us and we are honored that He called us to be His servants.

Please pray with us for continued ministry among the poor of the border and that we will continue to serve the Lord who called us to be the best of our ability.”

For more information about the Davis’ ministry, contact John and Diane at  956-763-4051 or btmlaredo.com@hotmail.com.

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