Youth Adult Same-Sex Attraction: Resources For Presenting A Biblical Perspective In A Culture Of Tolerance


The pressure on youth and young adults today to conform to a distorted message on sex is nothing short of overwhelming. Our culture, media, internet and peer influence all contribute daily to this distortion. Teens and young adults in the church are becoming ensnared in sexual struggles and sin at virtually identical numbers as those outside of the church.

Unfortunately, many youth groups and college/young adult ministries are largely silent on this issue. Meanwhile, many are swept away from faith and church in the wake of unbiblical influences. Ministry leaders, parents and volunteer leaders often don’t know what to say. And students who want to follow Jesus and God’s design for sexuality are increasingly confused by misinformation and distortions.

Student and College Ministries seeks to enter this conversation, equip leaders/parents and provide resources to those who love a generation bombarded by the message that any form of sexual expression is acceptable.

In our search for reliable resources Student and College Ministries came across Harvest USA ministry. They are making an impact by coming alongside the local church. Harvest began as an outreach ministry to the homosexual community located near their PCA church. Today it serves numerous churches by equipping and resourcing people to step into the lives of individuals and families affected by all kinds of sexual struggles.

Some of the resources available through Harvest USA include:

  • Seminars and workshops for youth leaders, youth and/or parents
  • Harvest News – God Gives the Best Sex: A Positive Theology of Sex & Sexuality
  • Books and Sunday School series

The Harvest book series entitle “Proclaiming the Truth & Mercy” is an excellent place to start. Each book in the series is a compilation of chapters authored by different individuals writing from their personal experiences. Harvest will be adding to the series in the coming months. The series covers the following topics:

Book One – The Homosexual Debate and the Church. This book provides insights into the controversy surrounding gay-theology and cultural issues.

Book Two – First Steps of Compassion. A great book for anyone coming alongside those who struggle with same sex attraction. The book includes a section on ways to afford comfort to hurting parents.

Book Three – Gay…Such Were Some of Us. A compilation of personal stories where lives were transformed and changed.

Another excellent resource is the EPC Position Paper on Homosexuality which addresses the issue from a biblical perspective. Student Ministries welcomes additional resource suggestions, please contact Susan Holland at with your ideas, comments or questions.

See below for links to suggested resources.

Helpful Links:

  1. Seminars and workshops –
  2. Harvest News – God Gives the Best Sex: A Positive Theology of Sex & Sexuality
  3. Books and Sunday School series –
  4. Proclaiming the Truth & Mercy Series –

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