COA Proposes Resolution to the GA about Medical Benefits Plan


In light of the uncertainty, complexity, and risk of implementing of Obamacare, the Committee on Administration (COA) of the EPC proposes the following resolution to the 2013 General Assembly:

MOTION: The 33rd General Assembly gives commission power to the Committee on Administration, effective July 1, 2013, to determine whether EPC Medical Benefits Plans should be retained, revised, outsourced or terminated.

Stated Clerk Jeff Jeremiah wants all to know that “the Evangelical Presbyterian Church is committed to providing optimum and affordable medical insurance to all ordained and non-ordained staff in our churches, so that they can focus their time and energy on the mission of their church. Currently, major changes to our Medical Plan must be approved by our General Assembly.  Because of challenges we know today, plus challenges we’ll probably confront in the near future, our 2013 General Assembly will be asked to approve this motion. Why are we asking the 2013 General Assembly to take this action? Based on what we currently know, and what we anticipate will happen in the next 6 to 30 months, there’s a possibility that the implementation of Obamacare will threaten the financial viability of the EPC Medical Plan. And, there’s a possibility that Obamacare will threaten the financial viability of the EPC itself if a well-informed group of leaders is not able to make decisions quickly in response to Obamacare.”

This proposal comes from the COA after much thought and prayer upon the recommendation from the Board of Benefits. Since so many pastors, church employees, missionaries and their families participate in the EPC Medical Plan, the COA desires that everyone understand the reason for and implications of this Resolution. To achieve that, the several resources are available by clicking here. You may view a video by Dr. Jeremiah presented recently to all presbyteries. Also available are a Background paper, Q&A, an easy way to ask other questions, Obamacare Fact Sheet, and more. Please pray for God’s wisdom to rule in the vote of the General Assembly.

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