Childcare Help Needed for Missionary Conference


from Ryan and Kelly (World Outreach workers in Jordan)

Hello!  I know this is short notice, but we’re putting out feelers to see if we can find anyone available and willing to help. Our annual field conference for our partner organization is in Lebanon from June 1-6 and the people that were going to help with childcare are no longer able to come and help. There are somewhere around 25 kids from babies up to high school. The high school students will be helpers (I think there are three girls). They are figuring they need 2-3 adults. Any volunteers will have to be responsible for their own expenses. Again, I know it’s short notice, but we can just pray and put out feelers and see what the Lord does. Please Patti Moore( in World Outreach know of your interest and she can put us in contact with each other.

Also, does anyone have connections that might be able to donate VBS materials? Having something ready for them would make it so much easier on anyone brave enough to volunteer….

Thanks so much.

Bless you, Kelly

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