Resurrection Brooklyn to Host Urban Ministry Assessment


Resurrection Brooklyn (formerly Brooklyn Presbyterian Church), in conjunction with the Reformed Communion is holding an Urban Ministry Assessment on May 19-22. Resurrection Brooklyn senior pastor Matt Brown (photo) says, “We believe that one of the best ways to reach our culture with the good news of Jesus Christ is to establish gospel-centered churches in the most influential cities in our society.”

The Reformed Communion website promoting the event says, “Our primary focus is on potential church planting couples, but we have intentionally avoided calling this ‘church planting assessment’ because we want to leave open the possibility of assessing other ministry leaders who want an outside opinion on their strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, we are treating our assessment as a second opinion to that of a sending church or denomination not as validation for ministry. We will not pass or fail candidates. Following assessment we will share our insights with them and their sponsors as to where we see them serving best (e.g. lead planter, co-planter, staff pastor, inner city, college town, etc.). Our assessors include ministers and church planters from the Reformed Communion, together with other men and women who have been involved in urban ministry.”

Matt said, “Urban ministry is as diverse as the city itself, and our assessment is meant to guide people to opportunities that will best utilize the gifts God has given them.”

The number of participants will be limited to five to seven couples, with priority given to those preparing to church plant in the near future.

The cost of assessment is $2000 per couple, which includes all materials, food and accommodations. Scholarships are available for those who qualify. If you or anyone you know may be interested in learning more, please email Matt Brown at

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