EPC Wellness Program Reward


The EPC Wellness Program is available to EPC Medical Plan participants. It is voluntary and offered at no charge but it provides immediate and long-term benefits. The EPC Wellness Program emphasizes member health and well-being as well as support for treatment and condition needs. Research shows that preventive care improves long-term health and reduces costs to the individual and the EPC. Here is the deal: Eligible individuals receive a $50 gift certificate to a favorite retailer after they complete a Wellness Profile sponsored by WebMD while logged onto the EPC participant’s Highmark website. For more complete information, go to http://www.epc.org/benefits/medical-plan/and scroll to the bottom of that page. Download the PDF slide set for more details and instructions. The Program is available once anytime through November 30 but why wait when better health and your incentive reward are in your grasp now?

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