Disaster Relief Update


Over $65,000 has been contributed to the Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief Fund. These monies are being sent to meet the needs of those EPC churches in New York City and New Jersey doing relief work in the aftermath of the late October hurricane.

In New York City, Park Slope Presbyterian Church’s initial relief work focused mostly on covering basic needs such as temporary lodging, food, and clothing. The church building as well as Park Slope members continue to provide temporary housing for those without a home.  Senior Pastor Matt Brown reports the church is now moving from relief to recovery work, which includes clearing out apartments and mold remediation. In addition, approximately $5,000 has been spent for long term storage units. These are being rented to store salvageable items from people’s homes until they are able to return. Two additional storage units will be needed for at least three months.

Matt reports that the most pressing (and expensive) need is labor. While volunteers are doing a great job, “It is impossible to meet all of these needs through volunteers.” Unfortunately, government agencies have been slow to respond with funding. In response to this need, $20,000 from the Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief was sent to Park Slope on December 14.

Matt said, “Please know how much we appreciate your assistance. God has been very good to us and he continues to provide all we need. If he doesn’t provide, then we don’t need to be doing the work. But right now, we are filling a lot of gaps.” Find out more about the relief/recovery work of Park Slope on their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/parkslopepresbyterianchurch.

Funds have also been sent to Closer to God EPC, Newark, New Jersey to help a church member there with pressing transportation needs. Pastor Valdir Reis said, “We really appreciate your care. God bless the Evangelical Presbyterian Church!”

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