Churches assist Border Transitions Ministries in Laredo


John and Diane Davis, EPC Home Missionaries with Border Transitions Ministries (BTM) in Laredo, Texas, report:

Last year BTM helped thirty children with getting backpacks and school supplies.  This year the need had grown. A small group from Cornerstone Church in Katy, TX, the congregation of Grace Chapel in Madison, MS and a retired men’s group from our sending church in Pittsburgh, PA read the appeal and answered in ways that could only been of the Lord.

The group from Katy, TX sent backpacks, supplies, gift cards to Wal-Mart in numbers that stunned us. It seemed like we were going to Wal-Mart every day to pick up another gift, and in between the U.S. postman and UPS drivers were filling our office and apartment with deliveries for the drive. Such a blessing this group was to our kids.

The retired men’s group from Pleasant Hills Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, PA sent a check to purchase items needed for the kids. That check gave us the chance to spend a day shopping for school supplies.

The congregation of Grace Chapel, Madison, MS really got involved. They collected fifty nine backpacks and enough supplies to fill them all. Then Pastor Steve Bryant delivered them to our office in his truck. It’s a mere thirteen hour drive from Madison, MS to Laredo, TX. Steve then turned around and drove home to take his daughter to college. Steve and Grace Chapel you blessed us and the kids in ways you will never know or understand. Thank you isn’t enough.

In total BTM collected backpacks for eighty children in the U.S. and Mexico to be able to return to school with everything they needed.

BTM October 2012 Newsletter

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