Evangelical Presbyterian Church Joins Stormans et al v. Selecky et al Amicus


By the action of its Committee on Administration (COA) on November 21, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church joined other religious organizations in an amicus curiae (friend of court) brief in the case of Stormans et al v. Selecky et al, a case that is being appealed to the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

At issue in the appeal is whether the State of Washington can force medical providers to furnish medical services and medications, in this case emergency contraceptives that may act as abortifacients, in violation of their religious beliefs. A federal court in Washington struck down the State’s regulations as a violation of the Free Exercise Clause of the US Constitution. The State of Washington (“Selecky et al”) is appealing this ruling to the Ninth Circuit Court. The EPC joined the amicus curiae in support of Stormans, et al, the parties that filed suit against the State’s regulations.

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