Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief


Hurricane Sandy has produced death and destruction from the Caribbean up the USA eastern seaboard.  It might be days before power is restored and hurting people can be helped.

Donations to the EPC Emergency Relief Fund will go to relief efforts coordinated by EPC churches and presbyteries ministering in these hard hit areas.

Please give generously, either by credit card or by check payable to “Evangelical Presbyterian Church” and designated “Hurricane Sandy Relief” to:

Evangelical Presbyterian Church
ATTN: Hurricane Sandy Relief
17197 N. Laurel Park Drive, Suite 567
Livonia, MI 48152

= = = = = = UPDATE – November 2nd, 2012 = = = = = =

We received this from Dr. Valdir Reis, pastor at Closer To God Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Newark, NJ

“Brothers and Sisters. We are here in Newark and taking care of our people. We don’t have power in many houses, no gas in many areas, but, people from Closer To God Evangelical Presbyterian Church is fine and helping one another and neighborhood. Thank  God. Only material damage. Thanks for this e-mail. May the Good Lord bless you all.”

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