West Presbytery Retreat


West-Presbytery-RetreatThirty-four members and guests of the Presbytery of the West met for its annual retreat on October 3-5 at Lost Valley Ranch, Colorado. Brian Post, pastor of Christ Fellowship Church in Ft. Collins, CO led the gathering. Joining him in leading worship, singing and prayer were Zac Hicks, Michael Klassen, and Mark and Madeleine Huebl.

The theme for small group discussion was “Sore Spots.” Attendees broke up into groups of four to six to discuss and pray for one another as they focused on the problems of losing our first love, conflict with colleagues, and moral sink holes. In addition to the just-take-it-easy option, free time activities on Wednesday afternoon included fishing, skeet shooting and horseback riding. The retreat concluded on Friday morning in time for participants to get to the Presbytery of the West’s meeting that convened later that day at Littleton Christian Church in Littleton, CO.

Long time retreat participant Tom Melton said, “This retreat helps us to build trust through relationships with other leaders in our presbytery.” He added, “We’re able to operate as a body of Christ when we trust each other.” Dave Strunk commented, “It’s really great to connect with older, middle-aged and younger guys in a setting like this.”

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