Rev. Mark Ingles designated as new EPC Chaplain Endorser

Effective Aug. 1, 2012, the Stated Clerk designated Rev. Mark Ingles (Chaplain, Major, USAF (Retired)) as the EPC Chaplain Endorser, succeeding Dr. Mark Jumper.  Dr. Jumper concluded eight years of endorsing work with the EPC, serving as Chairman of the Chaplains Subcommittee and, during the last year, as Chaplain Endorser and chairman of the newly formed permanent committee on Chaplains Work and Care. We give thanks to our Lord for Dr. Jumper’s faithful service and for his substantial contribution to numerous foundational documents for the work of EPC Chaplains.  He has been much appreciated by our Chaplains and will be greatly missed.


At the same time, we are grateful for the Lord’s provision of Mark Ingles to continue in this important work.  Mark began military service as a reserve chaplain at Travis AFB and Norton AFB in California, and served in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain during the Gulf War.  He was selected for Active Duty in 1992 and has been deployed in numerous places around the world, including service as Deputy Director of Religious Affairs for the Horn of Africa.  He retired in 2011 from his final assignment as Senior Protestant Chaplain for Peterson AFB, Colorado.  Mark resides in Colorado Springs, CO and will begin his service as Chaplain Endorser by representing the EPC at the graduation ceremony for EPC Chaplain Candidate Matt Smith at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina later this month.

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