Recordings Available from 32nd General Assembly


First Presbyterian Church-Baton Rouge, LA posted the following recordings of speakers/services held at the General Assembly at   First Presbyterian is happy to provide a DVD or CD in exchange for a love offering to help defer the expenes of hosting the Assembly.  Please send your love offering to the Accounting Office at First Presbyterian Church and they will forward your requested items.

  • City of Gold – Wednesday evening worship service (video only)
  • Friday evening worship and sermon with Pastor Gerrit Dawson (video/audio)
  • Saturday morning worship and sermon with Pastor Alec Flynt (video/audio)
  • Sessions with Christopher J.H. Wright on Wednesday (6/20) – opening worship, plenary session 1, plenary session 2, plenary session 3, closing remarks and questions and answer session (audio only)
  • Sessions with Paul Mpindi on Thursday (6/21) – morning and evening worship services (audio only)

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