Wanted: Recording Clerks for Committees at the 2012 General Assembly


A great way to help out and make for a good General Assembly next month is to volunteer to serve as a recording clerk during one of our Standing Committee meetings.  All that’s required is a willingness to take the minutes and use of a laptop.  A minutes’ template and plenty of support is provided by Ed McCallum, Carol Templin and Jeff Jeremiah.

A training session for Standing Committee Chairs and Recording Clerks takes place via a “Go to Meeting” the week before the Assembly.  The same training session takes place on Wednesday afternoon, June 20, at First Presbyterian Church, Baton Rouge.

If you’re a certified commissioner and are willing to serve as a recording clerk for the 2012 General Assembly, please indicate so when completing your registration (online or paper) or contact Della Cullins at della.cullins@epc.org to update your already completed registration.

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