EPC Chaplain News

EPC Hospital Chaplain David Herbertson plans to retire from active ministry on May 11.  He has served as a chaplain with Gaston Hospice, Gastonia, North Carolina for ten years; and before that, served for thirty-five years as a pastor in five different congregations.

David says, “God has led us in paths we did not plan to go and blessed us as we went!  We often wondered why God was using us in so many different denominational settings–until I began to work as chaplain at hospice. Then it made sense. I had experience with many different faith groups and could relate to patients from all sorts of backgrounds.”

David is pictured here with a patient who gave her permission to record this moment of ministry and with the Gaston Hospice sign and building.

EPC-Chaplain-News--1 EPC-Chaplain-News-2

Congratulations, David, on your retirement!  May God grant you great grace and fulfillment as you move into new paths of life and ministry!

Submitted by Mark Jumper, EPC Chaplain Endorser

Email: chaplains@epc.org

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