Caroline Jumper Art to Display in NAEA Big Screen Plaza


Caroline Jumper, daughter of Rev. Mark Jumper, Ph.D., will have her artwork featured in the Big Screen Plaza located in the heart of Manhattan in New York City. The Big Screen Plaza is a giant outdoor LED screen used to showcases artistic talent for visitors to view and appreciate during the National Art Education Association Annual Convention which will be held March 1- 4, 2012.

Nobody wanted to step forward and paint a 6-by-8-foot version of the school’s eagle mascot, according to Westlake Christian Academy art teacher Carmen Gilbert. Several students came forward to help with the rest of the mural, but it was hard finding someone to paint the eagle until junior Caroline Jumper, 16, stepped up. The eagle is part of a new mural that was commissioned as part of the Grayslake school’s 40th anniversary.

The challenge was in the size, subject, and the blending technique necessary to paint it, Gilbert said. Gilbert submitted it to the National Art Educator Association. The NAEA selected Jumper’s painting to be displayed in New York Times Square earlier this month.

“I’ve been in small, local art contests. This is the biggest by far,” Jumper said. “It was really exciting. I was happy to get my name out there and the school’s.”

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