REAL: “Loving the Word; Living the Word” an encouragement and challenge


On Saturday, February 25, 85 women came together at Advent Presbyterian Church, Cordova, TN, to enjoy a day of both encouragement and challenge as they focused on “Loving the Word; Living the Word”.

Workshop leaders Susan Nash, Karen Stratford, Cindy Schwartz and Megan Hackman provided not only rich content in their teaching, but modeled what it means to have a passion for God’s Word.  Women came from metro Memphis, as well as, TX, MS, LA and AL.  Women left with a new perspective and energy for studying, praying and resting in God’s Word.

What women said about the day:

  • Thank you so much for an excellent workshop last Saturday at Advent.  I came away from it with so much more than I expected.  I have heard very positive comments from other women who attended.  I am now reading through the REAL manual that I got and am glad that I got it……it has a lot of good info on equipping in ministry.
  • This weekend was completely spiritually overwhelming for me, in a good way.  So thank you again so much.
  • Women received in one day all the areas that I’ve been studying in seminary: theology,   homiletics, spiritual formation and application.  I am grateful I was there!

Since 2008, Women In Ministry has provided ministry leadership training events throughout the EPC.  More than 750 women have now attended one of nine such gatherings.  Women In Ministry is committed to exploring new and effective ways to connect with women to equip them as leaders in their place of ministry.  In 2012, new avenues of training are being developed to respond to the growth and changes taking place around the EPC.

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