“In All Things” podcast episode 97 informs the audience of Benefits Resources, Inc. (BRI), a wholly owned subsidiary of EPC, Inc., which provides health care and retirement benefits to members of the EPC family. This includes not only pastors but can also extend to employees of the EPC. The new Director of BRI, Carolee Richendollar, is our guest in today’s podcast where she introduces herself and gives important information about the program.


Episode 97 of the EPC’s podcast, “In All Things,” Carolee Richendollar, the new Director of Benefits Resources, Inc. (BRI), gives some of her history within the healthcare industry and gives details about the variety of benefits available to recipients of the program.

Host Dean Weaver and Carolee Richendollar, discuss not only the details of BRI and the benefits available to EPC pastors and EPC employees, but also the reason the denomination created this system from the beginning.  This podcast engages the idea that if leaders of the church are going to care well for others they must be sure to care also for themselves.

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