“In All Things” podcast episode 96 engages the pitfalls and struggles of the modern-day pastor as well as the remedy for healthier pastoral effectiveness with professor and pastor, Doug Resler.


Episode 96 of the EPC’s podcast, “In All Things,” Doug Resler, Senior Pastor of Parker Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Parker, Colorado and adjunct professor at Denver Seminary explains his work in the Ministerial Vocation Committee’s (MVC) pilot program regarding pastoral effectiveness.

Host Dean Weaver and Doug Resler discuss the MVC’s work in studying three pastoral core competencies: biblical and theological expertise, personal spiritual formation, and organizational and leadership skills. The goal of the project is to gather data to help the MVC develop resources for long-term pastoral effectiveness. Dean and Doug engage some of the current day issues regarding the health of pastors and offer insightful diagnoses, as well as practical advice for the listener.

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