Benefit Briefs April 2014


Who remembers the old saying “The job is not finished until the paperwork is complete (done?)”. This is very true especially when it comes to working with our Life and LTD Insurance carrier, The Standard Life. Earlier this year the Benefits Office distributed Participating Employer Agreements (PEA) from the Standard Life to all EPC Churches. Since then the Benefits Office has been trying to reach our goal of getting the paperwork from every church. We are close, but we still have some applications outstanding. It is important that we have an accurate record of who is being covered for Life and LTD at each and every church. If a church is not covering anyone, we need to have that confirmed by completing the paperwork declining the coverage.

Our benefits administrator, cds, continues to learn more about EPC and our needs and requirements. They are very helpful for any issues concerning  enrollment; changes in status, address, or contact info; qualifying events; termination; continuing coverage; billing & payment; Medicare & Small Employer Exception; general information and questions about benefit coverage.  They can be contacted by phone : (877) 578-8707, M-F 8am-5pm EST/EDT or Fax: (412) 201-2250, or by Email:

Highmark continues to manage our medical claims and, new this year, our prescription drug coverage. We do still have some ties through Highmark with Express Scripts. Express Scripts is the mail order provider for Highmark. Any questions regarding prescription coverage should be directed to Highmark’s customer service. (866) 472-0928

The Benefits Office conducted a survey of all of the churches in order to gather some data to provide direction for the benefit program.  The results are in and we will be sharing those results at this year’s General Assembly Benefits Q&A lunch network session.

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